Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoy yourself and save lots of money. We are always striving to improve our site for the best user experience possible, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

Website F.A.Q.

1) What is is a web site that allows you to access discounts for online stores. It’s the place to stop before you shop!

2) Why use

Because saves you money online with instant discounts. There are no downloads, no registration, and the discounts are always FREE (not to mention easy and private). You get 24-hour-a-day access to discounts redeemable at all the best online stores.

3) How do I find what I want?

You can find discounts in one of three ways:

  1. Search – Type keywords in the search box, then browse results. Your keywords can include store name, products and even brands.
  2. Sort – To help you find exactly what you want our sort feature allows you to sort your search results alphabetically, with the newest merchants first, or by best discount
  3. Browse – You can also browse through the categories and subcategories until you find what you would like to save money on.

4) Troubleshooting

If you have any other problems, please contact us.

Coupon F.A.Q.

1) How do I print the coupon to use online (or in store)? Can you send me the coupon?

In the e-commerce section of, we offer Internet coupons only to be used online for Web purchases which cannot be printed and redeemed in store.

Unfortunately, we cannot send out coupons to individual customers as the demand for this would far exceed our capability to handle each request.

2) How do I use this coupon if there is a coupon code?

Simply copy the code that is listed on the popup and paste this code into the appropriate “Promotional Code” or “Coupon Code” form field when checking out.

3) Where is the coupon code? Or, how do I use this coupon if there is no coupon code?

Many of our coupons do not require a coupon code. Some explicitly state: “No coupon code required.” This means that the code is embedded, or the offer might be a general sale of some kind.

If there is no coupon code listed, simply click on the coupon link provided to obtain the promotion. The discount will be applied automatically at some point in the checkout procedure.

In some cases, the coupon code might have been inadvertently left out (that would be our fault), or the code may not have been included by the merchant. If you come across this situation, feel free to phone us or report the coupon that is not working.

4) Why doesn’t the coupon work?

There are several reasons as to why a coupon may not work:

  • The promotion may have ended early
  • The merchant may not have included an expiry date, forcing us to use a reasonable estimate (e.g. merchant offer might be “while supplies last”)
  • The coupon may be in the form of a general sale or offer (e.g. save up to 30%)
  • The coupon may not be valid for the specific item(s) you are purchasing (e.g. sometimes sale items are excluded from coupon discounts)

In some instances the coupon may still not work, even though the expiry date posted has not been reached. For these cases, the following are possible explanations as to why the coupon is malfunctioning:

  • Internet security software (e.g. Norton Internet Security) may be interferring with the coupon popup from loading the merchant site (temporarily disabling the software and trying the coupon again may help)
  • The coupon code may be incorrect (through either our mistake or the merchant’s)
  • The expiry date may have been incorrect (through either our mistake or the merchant’s)
  • Merchant site may be down

If you believe you may have come across any of these scenarios, feel free to report the coupon not working so we can address the problem.

5) Here is some additional information about other offers:

Not all offers are necessarily coupons. They may be rebates, general sales, clearance outlets, contests, or simply a link to the site.

In the event that one of these should be encountered, you will not be asked to input a code nor will a code be embedded. There will likely be some indication as to what is being offered, both in our coupon description and in the merchant’s landing page. If not, you will likely be sent to their home page, where you’ll find other great offers that may interest you.

6) Why do I get a “this page cannot be displayed” or “cannot find server” error when trying to use a coupon?

This is likely caused by anti-adware/spyware blocking software, firewall software/hardware, or file sharing software (e.g. KaZaA), which places entries in your hosts file to block certain Web sites.

If you see a page “Cannot Find Server” or “This page cannot be displayed” when using online coupons, most commonly the problem is a “host” file which blocks servers we use to help you save online. Popular file sharing programs such as KaZaA Lite and other programs that block the ads in the software are a source of the problem.

Please follow the steps below to help fix the problem on your computer:

  1. Open ‘My Computer’ or ‘Windows Explorer’ then navigate to the following directory and filename below corresponding to your operating system:
    Windows XP Pro/Home: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
    Windows NT/2000: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
    Windows 95/98/Me: c:\windows\hosts
  2. Click and highlight the file named “hosts”, press F2 to rename it from hosts to hosts.bak, then try using the coupon again.
  3. If that doesn’t work try disabling any ad/popup blockers, or Internet security software, then clear your browser’s cache and try again.

If you are accessing the site at work, the network firewall may be interfering. Try accessing the coupon at home, where you will have more control over turning off firewalls, anti-spyware, etc.

7) Do you have [insert product name] in stock / my size / arriving soon?

The staff at cannot answer any questions regarding inventory, product availability, shopping cart functionality, or anything that is directly related to the merchant in question.

The reason for this is simple: we have absolutely no knowledge of a merchant’s business practices. It would be comparable to contacting the yellow pages for information about a product being offered by one of their listed merchants.

At, we will try our best to help you. However, we can only answer questions about the coupons themselves.

8) I have a question about my order or I need to cancel my order.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer any questions about the status of your order as we are not involved in the ordering process of the merchants. You will have to contact the merchant directly on these issues.

9) I don’t see my question here!

Feel free to contact us for further assistance.