Let Me Show You the Top 4 Authentic Canada Goose Women’s Jackets I’d Buy with Free Overnight Shipping



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Canada Goose womens jackets

Read about my 4 favourite Canada Goose jackets for women, now available with free overnight shipping from Canadian Icons!

Ladies, are you sick of being cold during the winter months?

Even though you’re a true blue Canadian, that doesn’t mean you’re invincible to cold temperatures once winter arrives.

And as a proud Canadian, there are probably tons of outdoor activities that you want to go out and take part in. But you can’t do them if you’re freezing to death!

What you need is a winter coat that is 100% Canadian, made specifically for Canadians such as yourself.

That’s where Canada Goose Parka outerwear comes in! And right now, if you shop at the Canadian Icons online store using the free shipping coupon to your right, you’ll get free overnight delivery on all authentic Canada Goose winter apparel and accessories.

Not sure which women’s Canada Goose down jacket to buy?

Since these jackets are made to last and are so high in quality, buying one is a bit of an investment (although trust me, it’s a worthwhile investment!). Which is why it’s important you know which one to shop for based on your needs.

Let me tell you my 4 best women’s Canada Goose jackets that I would buy using this free overnight shipping Canadian Icons store coupon…

Top Canada Goose Women’s Jacket #4

Ladies’ Montebello Parka

Canada Goose Ladies Montebello Parka

My 4th pick on this countdown of favourite Canada Goose coats is the Ladies’ Montebello Parka.

I chose it because this coat is absolutely beautiful.

This slim-fitting style comes in almost 12 fantastic colours (Black! Red! Graphite! Military Green! Caribou!)… I personally love it in practically all of them.

I also love the military button details. Personally, I think the rugged look makes this coat a perfect choice.

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Top Canada Goose Women’s Jacket #2

Ladies’ Mystique Parka

Canada Goose Ladies Mystique Parka

I don’t own this runner up choice for favourite Canada Goose jacket, but I wish I did! I’m talking about the Ladies’ Mystique Parka.

This is definitely the nicest full-length coat around. With more than 10 colours to choose from, you’re bound to find your favourite colour in this fantastic style.

This coat is guaranteed to keep you toasty all winter long from head-to-toe, no matter how frigid the temperatures get.

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Top Canada Goose Women’s Jacket #3

Ladies’ HyBridge Lite Jacket

Canada Goose Ladies HyBridge Lite Jacket

My third choice goes to a Canada Goose lightweight category coat called the Ladies’ HyBridge Lite Jacket.

It has a glorious-feeling soft shell fabric exterior, and is filled with a down lining to keep your body at just the right temperature.

This women’s jacket is smartly built, and looks great!

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Top Canada Goose Women’s Jacket #1

Ladies’ Kensington Parka

Canada Goose Ladies Kensington Parka

We’ve reached the top spot of my countdown list! My favourite Canada Goose coat is the Ladies’ Kensington Parka.

I have happily owned mine for the past 3 years. If you see me this winter, chances are this is what I will be wearing.

This jacket is at the perfect length, and it’s slim-fitting so you’ll still look great while staying warm.

With over 15 colours to choose from, chances are you’ll find one that’s perfect one for you.

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Like what you see here? Then hurry over to Canadian Icons by clicking that free overnight shipping coupon to your right and shop for your very own authentic women’s Canada Goose parka!

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