LEGO Shop Canada is Famous for Their Construction Toys, and Now You Can Buy Them with Free Shipping on $75+



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LEGO Shop Canada free shipping coupon

Get free shipping everyday on orders over $75 from LEGO Shop Canada.

LEGO is for everyone, not just kids!

The name LEGO basically speaks for itself. Construction toys that are so much fun with its millions of tiny pieces that lets you build anything.

Men, women and kids alike have been building intricate figurines that take time, skill and concentration but the end result are cool showpieces.

My husband still has planes, tanks, race cars and the 9396 helicopters displayed in his man cave that he is super proud of and will not let a soul touch.

What has the LEGO Shop come up with now?

What is your favourite LEGO toy: Chima, Star Wars, or Ninja Turtles? Whatever it is that you are into, LEGO probably has made it into something you can build.

Now their newest building project called Mixels is what I think is the coolest line out there. These whacky little characters are so cute and original, but the best part is that these pieces are very affordable.

I just made the Glurt and Jawg with my kids and they are so proud of their work and so am I. Playing with LEGO toys is a great way to keep the kids occupied so I can get some work done!

Check out our LEGO Shop Canada coupon for free shipping on orders over $75. Don’t forget that Mixels make fantastic birthday presents so add a few to your order.

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