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Pyrex is a brand introduced by Corning in 1915 as a line of laboratory glassware and kitchenware. It was originally made with a low thermal glass but is now made with the famous tempered glass that makes it strong and durable. This American brand is enjoyed in thousands of houses around the world and has made cooking much easier for many. With many choices of clear pyrex glass dishes, casserole dishes and convenient glass containers, Pyrex is now a household staple.

Exclusive to Pyrex:

The famous glass measuring cup– The 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup is a kitchen staple. With brilliant red lettering on clear glass and a comfortable handle with a curved spot, this item is made to last.

Bake and Store– Beautifully designed bake ware that is durable and withstand high temperatures accompanied by matching lids to come out of the oven and stored for future use all in one dish.

Mixing bowls– The Smart Essentials mixing bowls are so versatile. Mix up your recipe all in one bowl, pop on the matching lid and store in the fridge or take it to work. So many uses for these top sellers.

When buying glass bakeware, make sure the name Pyrex is on it to ensure quality that lasts.

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