10 Questions with… Lisamarie & Christelle of BeautyCrazed



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Lisamarie & Christelle

Name: Lisamarie & Christelle

Website: BeautyCrazed

Role: Founders & writers

About: Two quirky girls from Toronto, Canada review products, trash fashion and generally have a good time with the world of beauty.

Twitter: @beautycrazedcan

1. How much of your shopping is done online? For beauty products I would say less now that Sephora has physical stores in Canada but back when Canada first started being able to shop with them online, a LOT! I do tend to buy a lot of clothes online though mostly because I hate dressing room mirrors!

2. Favourite store and/brand: Depends what I am shopping for, Sephora obviously although Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques have really stepped up their game lately! I’m a Chanel wh*re all around, I love watches and purses from Guess and my fave clothing stores are Banana Republic, Anne Taylor, Jacob, Femme de Carriere and Club Monoco.

3. Something you buy way too much of: Makeup – duh! More specifically eyeshadow – I love all the pretty, pretty colours it comes in – stupid considering I wear nude type colours most days but I just can’t resist a palette of vibrant shades!

4. Favourite impulse buy: A pink leather fringed jacket when I was 16 – I loved that freaking jacket so much!

5. Something you regret buying: White jeans – if you weigh more than 90 pounds and can’t help but drop food on yourself then they are just a bad, bad idea!

6. Name something you would never shop for online: Porn – nobody wants those brown paper packages showing up at their door – the mailman know exactly what it is!

7. Something about online shopping in Canada you’d change: The taxes and duties it costs to order something from another country – postal rates in Canada are stupid too!

8. Most amount of money you’ve ever dropped at a store & on what: I once bought the entire seasonal collection at a Chanel counter – I think it was a spring collection and it was like 2 eyeshadow palettes, 4 lipsticks, a couple of glosses, a few nail polishes and god knows what else – it was easily over $500 but I just couldn’t help myself!

9. Zombie apocalypse hits. Five things you’d buy. Go. Lipstick, cigarettes, chocolate – pretty sure they will be the new currency, vodka – I’m going to need to be drunk for this and twinkies – because nobody likes the f**king snowballs!

10. Any shopping buddies you want to shout out for enabling your habit? Elaine from TorontoBeautyReviews.com is a bad influence and needs to be stopped!

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