About FS Cares:

We are real people wanting to make a real difference in the world. FabulousSavings.ca is the Canadian counterpart to FabulousSavings.ca who has been saving people money for 10 years, and we want to give back to celebrate this milestone. Join us every week to see which charities are featured, and please feel free to contact us if you want to help out or suggest a charity.

Mikey's Note:

FabulousSavings.ca/cares means more to me than I can express in a simple note. For the past 10 years, we have been an online coupon site that continuously strives to save people money. We have become successful in this regard and believe it's time to give back. Over the past few years, we have been very involved in the Starlight Children's Foundation. We have seen how our simple donations can light up a child's life, and we want to share this experience as everyone deserves that feeling. We will be making a charitable donation once every week to a charity that makes a difference. This is one of the proudest and most important moments for me and this company because it's our chance to give back to those who are in need. Thank you for visiting this site, and please check back to see the next charity. Also, please feel free to contact us with anything you would like to express.

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