Teavana Canada

Enjoy the most "Tea-rific" cup of loose leaf tea from Teavana Canada.

Do you like it hot or cold?

Teavana Canada is a specialty tea and tea accessory retailer carrying high quality loose leaf tea that are superior to anything you have ever tasted. Their selection is enormous!

Whether you like it hot or iced, you will find the flavour you desire amongst the highest quality teas. From rooibos and oolong, black to mate, and everything in between… they will have it here.

Teavana's selection of loose leaf teas is really extensive.

If you are new to drinking tea, then let me make it easy for you to choose. Their tea collection includes fruity, chai, chocolate, mint, citrus, dessert and so many more flavours to choose from.

The possibilities with tea are endless! Once you have tried each tea on its own, try pairing it together with something else and you'll be creating brand new flavours. Take advantage of the packaged sets if you want to try a variety, and trust Teavana Canada to make the perfect cup for you.

Good quality tea deserves to be steeped just right so make sure to pick up the proper accessories.

Teavana has the “perfect TeaMaker” that will help you brew the perfect cup of tea time after time. Cast iron tea pots are really nice looking too, and will look beautiful on your counter while you wait for your cup to be ready.

Finish your tea off by pouring it into a ceramic, cast iron or glass mug and not only will your tea taste great, you'll also enjoy the entire experience.

I love tea more than anything and appreciate a great cup when I find it. I have never been disappointed with anything I have tried here and I trust you will be happy, too!

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