Garage Clothing

Fun and fashionable apparel for teen girls and young women.

Ships from Canada

Canadian Retailer

Garage offers teen girls and young women the opportunity to look their finest without breaking the bank. Discover apparel and accessories to rock the looks you love, and pay less for orders using free Garage coupons.

Shop at Garage and enjoy:

  • Clothes - tops, tees, shorts, pants, denim, sleepwear & swimwear
  • Accessories - footwear, jewellery, belts, bags, sunglasses, hats, makeup & more
  • Perks - hassle-free 30-day returns plus GRG Social Blog, Music, Looks, etc.

You’ll love all the looks you can put together at amazing prices. Make a mad dash over to Garage today for deals on the hottest styles. Don’t forget free Garage coupons to claim your discount!

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