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What it means to #SUPPORTLOCAL.

Here at FS Local, we're all about supporting small businesses across Canada, from British Columbia on the west coast to Newfoundland and Labrador on the eastern shores.

But just what do we mean when we say “Support Local?”

Our goal is to empower Canadian small business owners with the right Internet marketing solutions, tools, and help services so they can successfully connect with potential customers online. At the end of the day, we want to give them the boost they need to build and grow their Web presence.

It starts with a socially-powered online presence, which every local business owner in Canada can create for free!

Simply create a free account on FS Local, then build your free directory listing by filling out your company details and location information. Add links to your company's social media profiles and activate your Instagram gallery, and you're one step closer to creating the ultimate social networking hub for your business.

Think of it as the single and only point of contact you'll need to connect your customers with your business! Now you just need to spread the word about your new FS Local online directory listing and you're on your way to promoting your company to local consumers in your community.

Looking for extras like priority placement on categories, video production services or full-service small business marketing solutions? We offer those, too!

Learn about our upgrade packages and more at http://www.fslocal.com/business/

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