How to Save Money on Phone Bills & Avoid Dreaded High Costs

So my cell phone bill came in this week, and to my astonishment, it was $65 over. Grand total for the month, $105. Wow! Despite the fact that I’m signed up to one of those discount cell phone plans, I still pay more than I need to. Join me as we both try to learn how to save on phone bills!

How to Save Money On Your Phone Bill

1) Phone Plans – When I got my first cell phone, I was on one of the most inexpensive phone plans – pay as you go. Eventually, I gave into a contract. The first two years were great until I decided to add on new features. The only feature I do like is the unlimited incoming calls. So if I need to talk to someone when it’s not free for me, I send them an email or text message telling them to call me.

Moral of the story: Find a flat-rate plan or try pay as you go if you’re really strapped for cash. Limit your add-on features by deciding which ones you need most. See if your carrier offers a one month free trial of features. After that month, see which ones you used the most.

2) Bundle Up! – Another idea to save money on cell phone bill is to bundle your services. I’m at an advantage because I do live at home still which means I bundled my and my dad’s cell phones, cable and internet. Think about switching everything to one company because they may offer a reduced rate. If you run into issues with them, you can threaten to leave and they’ll most definitely do anything to accommodate you (muahaha).

3) Limit Talk Time – I know it’s hard to do this especially if what you’re hearing is juicy gossip. However, it may be a good idea to avoid using your cell phone if you’re at home or work. Instead use a landline phone that’s sitting right on your desk or nightstand!

Another important tip is if you work nights or have other nightly obligations, consider free daytime calling instead of a free after 6pm or 9pm plan. If you’re on a free after 9pm plan and find yourself using your phone at 5 or 6pm when you leave work, switch to early evening calling! Doing this may cost you a few bucks more; however, it saves you more in the long run.

4) Long Distance Calling – Keeping in touch with those far and wide can be hard and costly. If you must call long distance, call your landline provider and invest in a plan through them. Or buy prepaid long distance calling cards. For $5 or $10, you receive 200 to 300 minutes. Get the person you’re calling to buy their own cards too and take turns buying them.

Or check out services like Vonage and Skype offer VoIP technology so you can talk and chat in real time at a fraction of the cost. And if you both have webcam, you can video chat.

Got any other great tips on how to save money on your phone bill? Please do share!

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2 comments on How to Save Money on Phone Bills & Avoid Dreaded High Costs

  1. Cristina
    / Reply

    Thanks for the tips, Sange. My cell phone bill is a bit high for my liking too. And now that you mention it, added features like text messaging don’t apply to me as I hardly use it…but I’m paying for it! So it’s time to take inventory of what I use and cancel what I don’t – that should lessen my bill.

    • Sange
      / Reply

      No problemo, Cristina. Sometimes you can get fooled into thinking you NEED the features. I never used to be a huge texter and would only reply when it was. As soon as I got unlimited text messaging, I found myself text messaging less and less and I was paying $10 a month for this a feature. It literally pays to track your cell phone habits and see which features are important.

      Thanks for the comment!

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