Last-Minute Entertainers – Here Are Some Food Ideas for a Halloween Party!

Costume? Check! Decor? Check! Entertainment? Check! Food? Oops! Not to worry, I’m here to help with food ideas for a Halloween party. I find the biggest issue for entertainers is to create new dishes to serve that they haven’t already tried. So here are some quick and good Halloween party food ideas that are sure to have guests’ heads turning (not literally!).


Finger Dogs -This finger food appetizer is so good for your wallet. Depending on how many people you invite, you’ll only need 1 or 2 packages of hot dogs since you’ll be cutting them in half or thirds. After you cook them, slice the tops and insert a piece of cheese for the fingernail. Don’t forget the ketchup, I mean blood…muahaha!

Main Course

Spaghetti Worms – Looking for Halloween party foods the kids will eat up? I know my nephew loves spaghetti because he has fun slurping it. I’ve always thought that spaghetti resembled worms! Pasta in general is a great option to serve at parties because it’s cheap and filling so you can make large amounts without breaking the bank. I recommend serving it with red sauce and mini meatballs, about the size of an eyeball…

Mash Potato Brains – Sounds delightful, huh? This idea is super simple as you can use whatever mashed potato recipe you normally use (make sure they’re extra lumpy). Place the mashed potatoes on a silver platter, wear plastic gloves, and start molding it into a brain. To make the indentations of the membrane come to life, uncoil a paperclip and press it against the brain. If you’re inviting a big group, make two mashed potato brain platters and have one at each end of the table.


Chocolate Worm Mudslide – Ever year on Halloween, my mom would make a batch of this ghoulish dessert and my friends would go bonkers over it! She bought regular chocolate Jell-O pudding packages and sour candy worms. Once your pudding has set, drop in the worms and mix it up. Serve them in small ice cream cobbler cups, and your guests will be in for a treat!

Candy Dessert Pizza – This is a great way to use your candy. Buy premade cookie dough, or if you’re a master baker, mix up a batch. Spread the cookie dough in a round pizza pan and bake it off. Buy or make some simple icing, spread it over the pizza and sprinkle your favourite candy all over.

Hope you enjoy these Halloween food ideas! If you have any quick and fun recipe ideas, please share!

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