Want to Know How to Get 10% Off Your Order in Canada at Globo Shoes? Check Out This New Customer Promo Offer!



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10% off globo shoes coupon

Getting 10% off your first purchase at Globo Shoes is so easy all you have to do is read this post.

If you don’t already shop at Globo, I’ll tell you why you should.

I might be a new shopper at Globo but now that I know how easy it is to shop there, I don’t need to look anywhere else. I live in a busy home with lots of kids who don’t agree on anything. But we have found that Globo has something for everyone and I  can do it from home and not have to brave the malls.

If you are new to Globo they have a great offer for you that you shouldn’t pass up.

If you register for their email list you will save 10% off your first order!

I saved so much money shopping for my kids’ back to school shoes and I am talking about new arrivals that all my kids were dying to have. Order a lot, there isn’t a limit on how much you need to spend so I suggest you stock up. Another cool thing about Globo is that you can get free shipping on your order too!

Want to know more about the great brands at Globo?

Globo is stocked with so many great brands to choose from. So I said before my kids have varying likes and dislikes but at Globo everyone found something. I bought Adidas, converse, reebok and skechers and everyone went back to school happy but that is only a fraction of the brands you will find.

Remember to think ahead. If you pick up an athletic sandal now like the No Angel Acenadia, get a second pair too before the weather changes. I have two favourites in the closet waiting for my daughters to wear. Both love the Yokids boots and they are perfect for cooler weather. Look how cute the Praseien and the Bedizzano are! I swear if they came in my size I would wear them too!

Don’t forget you are getting 10% off your first purchase so shop wisely!  Use the Globo Shoes Canada new customer coupon to the right and be on your way to great savings.

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