These 10% Off, 15% Off & 20% Off Coupon Deals on Loose Leaf Teas from Teavana Canada are “Tea-rific!”



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Teavana Canada coupon

Save 10% to 20% on loose leaf teas at Teavana Canada

Pick your savings and enjoy some wonderful loose leaf tea from Teavana!

I can’t tell you just how much I love tea. I actually don’t drink coffee. I am not a fan, so tea has always been my first hot beverage choice. And I drink A LOT, probably 5 or 6 cups a day.

These current discount Teavana Canada coupon offers are perfect for the customer who just needs a little or the person like me who buys a lot.

Right now, you can save 10% on 1 lb, 15% on 2 lb, or 20% on 5lb of tea.

First off, all the newest Chai teas have me super excited.

The Caramel Chai Rooibos Tea is here, and I have had it and loved it! It is a delectable blend of caramel, with spicy and sugary goodness that is an absolute treat. Since I love all things caramel I will say the CocoCaramel Sea Salt Herbal Tea is insanely good, too. It has the distinct salty vs. sweet blend of buttery caramel and sea salt. The combination is perfection.

These days people are loving the health benefits of green tea, and the Blackberry Mojito Green Tea is worth mentioning. It is earthy and refreshing with beautiful blackberry and raspberry flavours along with a splash of spearmint. It is almost better than the real thing and doesn’t come with a hangover!

White teas are for the tea connoisseurs who appreciate the simplicity of these teas.

They are the least processed tea and offer you so many flavours to boot. I have enjoyed the Spice of Life White Tea many times, and love the antioxidant benefits in every cup. This tea is sweet and citrusy and truly a treat with its touch of creamy vanilla. It’s a great tea to have on hand when company comes over on a cool day.

Show them something new and all of you will fall in love with a great cup of tea from Teavana Canada.

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