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About FabulousSavings.ca

Saving in Canada is easy!

Launched in 2009, FabulousSavings.ca offers free online coupons to shoppers across the nation. It is the Canadian counterpart of FabulousSavings.com, where we have been helping Americans save money since 1999.

Now it’s Canada’s turn! Our goal is to make saving money easy for Canadians, which is why we have free coupons for all shopping needs.

All coupons available at our site are merchant-approved and freshly updated everyday, ensuring they always work. They are completely free to use with no registration required. We also have an exclusive coupons section that has discounts and offers not found anywhere else.

We’re all about bringing together shoppers with interests from all over the Canadian map

Whether it’s fashion, shoes, fitness gear, or insanely priced espresso machines with far too many levers… you’ll find the latest shopping trends, the best product deals, help on where to buy the latest and greatest products, and much more here at FabulousSavings.ca.

And we’re a social community, too! If you’d like to share a shopping story or haul pictures, send us a note and we’ll gladly feature you.

So grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s do some shopping.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Want to be featured on our blog? Need assistance using FabulousSavings.ca or any of our coupons? Contact us!

Meet Our Team of Inside Shoppers

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Inside Shopper & Blogger at FabulousSavings.ca
Mikey is the founder of FabulousSavings.ca, an online coupon website based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He loves helping Canadians save money. But he's also passionate about connecting shoppers in Canada and the U.S. to the retail industry's best kept secret deals.

Follow his blog posts for curated insider savings on top designer brands, plus freshly fabulous discounts that are updated daily!
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    Frugal Shopaholic & Blogger at FabulousSavings.ca
    When a girl transforms an entire bedroom of her house into a giant walk-in closet, you know she's a die hard shopaholic!

    Her secret to spending without breaking the bank? Mastering the skills of hunting down the best deals for her favourite retail stores.

    Designer brands she will forever be loyal to: Kate Spade, Michael Kors, J.Crew, Chanel, Smashbox, Hourglass Cosmetics, and Living Proof.
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    As a savvy saver and lover of all things frugal, Shannon is passionate about finding top savings for the best products on the market.

    She’ll keep you up-to-date on all the hottest money-saving trends and the latest deals on the products you love.


    Jesse is a typical class clown and tries to find the funny in any situation. He’s nonetheless prone to bawling at the drop of a hat (or an Adele song).

    A trophy-winner in three disciplines, you’re going to want Jesse on your office bowling team.

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