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Marian of Sweetopia

Name: Marian

Website: Sweetopia

Role: Creator & blogger

About: Wielding a strong love for all things sweet, Marian started Sweetopia.net to showcase her sugar-art passion. She loves creating confections and showing her readers how to make them!

Twitter: @sweetopia

1. How much of your shopping is done online? About 50%

2. Favourite store and/brand: Amazon

3. Something you buy way too much of: Clothing

4. Favourite impulse buy: An aqua imitation J. Crew bauble necklace.

5. Something you regret buying: Can’t think of anything!

6. What would you never shop for online? Can’t think of anything either, but, something which I would need to use right away.

7. Something about online shopping in Canada you’d change: Some sites are great in terms of shipping times. GoldasKitchen.com is very quick… I’d love all on-line shops to use their shipping system/methods.

8. Most amount of money you’ve ever dropped at a store & on what: Furniture – Pottery Barn.

9. Zombie apocalypse hits. Five things you’d buy. Go. Water, food, my favourite face cream, contact lenses, shampoo.

10. Any shopping buddies you want to shout out for enabling your habit? GoldasKitchen.com, PotteryBarn

Bonus: What is the best recipe or tutorial you’ve done that you think everyone should know? Depends what kind of dessert you’re looking for… This one seems to be popular on Pinterest: Turtle Cupcakes.

Our survey is opened to all Canadian bloggers and social-media personalities. Contact us if you’d like to participate!

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